(I am the Good Fairy)
A Full Length Feature Film in Marshallese
with English Subtitles

Opening song of Ña Noniep, Latuma (mp3), performed by Lulani Ritok, Kery Ann Lejjena,
Carly Ann Note & Cinderella Lajidrik

Song used in Ña Noniep written by Larry Long performed by Lulani Ritok, Kery Ann Lejjena,
Carly Ann Note & Cinderella Lajidrik, Freedom, Oh Freedom (mp3)

Scene from Ņa Noniep





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Praise for Ña Noniep (I am the Good Fairy)

"It was thrilling to see a film that was conceptualized, written, cast, filmed and edited in the Marshall Islands
with a Marshallese cast and spoken mainly in Marshallese language with English subtitles...
Marshallese kids can now see that their lives and reality are worthy of exploration in film..."

--Dartmouth College Professor Andrew Garrod

"I thought it was wonderfully entertaining with a strong moral message. It is a good example
of how to educate and maintain Marshallese culture... All in all an uplifting movie
that should nurture a sense of pride and self-worth among the Marshallese people, and anyone interested
in fostering principles for a more tolerant and caring society..."

--United States Ambassador to the Marshall Islands, Clyde Bishop

"I hope that Morning Comes So Soon and Ña Noniep inspire some Marshallese to tell their own stories
and let the world see the depth of insight and talent that the Marshallese people
have to offer... I feel encouraged that filmmaking in the Marshall Islands is continuing..."

--Aaron Condon, Director and Producer of "Morning Comes So Soon"

"Ña Noniep is the film drawing the crowds..."
--The Marshall Islands Journal, March 13, 2009

"Wow, elukkun emman bwebwenato eo!"
(Wow, what a great story!)
--Bruce Capelle, A Marshall Islander living in Springdale, Arkansas, April 25, 2009

"I told some of my Marshallese friends to come and watch Ña Noniep at my house...
My place was packed worse than the Superbowl!"

--Herbie Lorennij Jeik, a Marshall Islander living in Providence, RI, May 7, 2009

Radio Australia Radio Program (mp3) with interviews regarding the film, Ña Noniep, March 3, 2009

Radio New Zealand (mp3) interview, March 13, 2009

Marianas Variety Review, March 16, 2009

Listen to a Marshallese song about the movie, Ña Noniep:
"Won Kwe Ijene" by a group from Ebeye, Marshall Islands, "Enno Ta." Sung by Josenia Judah.

Nominated for "Best International Feature Film" at the August 2009
International Youth Film Festival in the United Kingdom

A new feature film made in the Marshall Islands, performed by island residents, and produced to support local education, interweaves Marshallese folklore with the challenges faced by youth in the islands today.

Ña Noniep deals with the spiritual battle between a ri-anijnij (an evil Marshallese maker of black magic) and a noniep (a Marshallese fairy-like creature) for the soul of a 13-year old boy, Liki.

The film portrays Liki as an "off-the-chart" brilliant student who can solve math problems without using pencil or paper and who can read a thick novel in a few days.

His goal is to attend high school in America. Through no fault of his own, after a serious car accident involving his father and the family of his best friend, Miko, Liki finds his life threatened by Miko's evil grandmother, Lijimu, who is a woman known throughout the islands as a horribly diabolical maker of black magic.

Lijimu casts a spell on Liki, and this drives the unusually nice, polite and studious boy, insane. Only the noniep can help him, but first the noniep must overcome the enormous power of the evil Lijimu.

This enchanting battle is waged before the eyes of the boy's parents, Tomi and Delia, his best friend Miko, and his classmates who are all powerless to help him as he descends into a hellish existence. They are forced to watch as Liki deteriorates at an alarmingly rapid pace fighting an illness that no doctor or hospital can cure.

The Marshallese language film, with English subtitles, stars Randon Jack, Lulani Ritok, Kyle Trevor, Netha Gideon, Matiti Johnson, Alson Kelen and Sarah Enyeart.

All of the music in the film was performed by four eighth-grade girls -- Kery Ann Lejjena, Carly Ann Note, Lulani Note and Cinderella Lajidrik -- from the Majuro Cooperative School (MCS), a private, secular school presently serving grades pre-K through 9th.

The film was written, directed and produced by Jack Niedenthal. Suzanne Chutaro served as assistant producer and director.

All proceeds from Ña Noniep will go the Majuro Cooperative School.

The movie opened to the public at the 3-plex K & K Theaters, in Majuro, on March 6, 2009, and ran for 2 weeks, ending on March 19, 2009.

The film is dedicated to the late Mayor of Bikini Atoll, Kataejar Jibas, who died on October 2, 2008, from injuries resulting from a car accident, and to the late SGT Solomon T. Sam, who was the first Marshallese soldier killed in Iraq on December 8, 2008.

Microwave Films of the Marshall Islands is a community based film production company in the Marshall Islands.

Contact Jack Niedenthal with questions about Microwave Films of the Marshall Islands and Ña Noniep: info@microwavefilms.org

Scenes from the film

Randon Jack stars as Liki
Netha Gideon (left) stars as Lijimu, Lulani Ritok stars as Miko
Kyle Trevor stars as the noniep.
Alson Kelen (left) stars as Tomi, Liki's father, and Matiti Johnson stars as Delia, Liki's mother
Matiti Johnson as Delia, Liki's mother
Hesa Note stars as Miko's brother, Ben Chutaro stars as Miko's father, and Rosania Bennett stars as Miko's mother
Douglas Henry stars as Miko's Uncle Bodi
Wyre Kimej stars as Jacob, an old friend of Delia's
Sarah Enyeart (left) stars as Ms. Rhonda, Liki's teacher, and Kathy Stratte stars as Ms. Starling, the school principal
Tatina Peter, Kery Ann Lejjena and Denisa Momotaro star as the Playground Girls
Maxter Tarkwon stars as the baby noniep
Jack Niedenthal stars as The Man in the Black Car
Pele Levy-Strauss stars as the Takeout Girl
Lulani Ritok (pictured), Kery Ann Lejjena, Carly Ann Note and Cinderella Lajidrik provided the music for the film
Netha Gideon stars as Lijimu
Wyre Kimej stars as Jacob and Catlina Chutaro stars as his granddaughter
Co-op Students pose with movie poster in front of K & K Theater on Opening Night, March 5, 2009
K & K Theater on Opening Night, March 5, 2009
Opening Night (Left to Right): Randon Jack, Lulani Ritok, Kyle Trevor and Netha Gideon
First public Ña Noniep showings selling out K & K Theaters, Sunday, March 8, 2009.
Jack filming scene at the Majuro Cooperative School
Filming at "Miko's house"
Ña Noniep was written, directed and produced by Jack Niedenthal, with assistance from Suzanne Chutaro.

Contact Jack with questions about the film: bikinijack@gmail.com